Week’s Most Interesting :: 12.27.2012

Hand-picked selections of articles, reports, blog posts and events from the last seven days (or so). :: Learning New Lessons I’ve been in the digital higher education arena long enough to still be shocked when major, mainstream news outlets pay attention to what we’re up to. It seems only yesterday that we were eating at… Continue reading Week’s Most Interesting :: 12.27.2012

Change in Higher Education: An Educator’s Perspective (Interview with Dr. Jesse Martin)

Dr. Jesse Martin is a thought-provoking educator. A Senior Lecturer at Bangor University in Wales, Dr. Martin focusses on the role of evidence-based in university education. Below, Jesse and I exchanged notes about the nature of change in higher education.  * * KCH: You wrote earlier this fall that many of the academics with whom you… Continue reading Change in Higher Education: An Educator’s Perspective (Interview with Dr. Jesse Martin)

Josh Keller: Interactive Graphics for Higher Education

KCH: Josh, I’ve long been a fan of your information graphics that you’ve produced for the Chronicle. What do you see as the value and purpose for creating these kinds of materials for its readers? Our interactive graphics are a natural continuation of the Chronicle’s journalistic mission: to help our readers understand higher education, get… Continue reading Josh Keller: Interactive Graphics for Higher Education

Barbarians at the Gate: “Welcome!”

Earlier this spring, 800 or so people converged on the Skysong campus of Arizona State University to discuss education. However, reports from the event note that the majority of participants, and almost all of the speakers were not educators, but entrepreneurs, technology company executives and investors. The Education Innovation Summit, now in its third year, has quickly… Continue reading Barbarians at the Gate: “Welcome!”

Digital Higher Education, Business Models, and Horizons

These are heady days for digital higher education. For advocates of all-things-digital, myself included, it appears we’ve earned our permanent place at the table. Whether fully online, blended or a supplementing classroom education, digital higher ed is now a strategic issue for colleges and universities. Online enrolment continues to experience double-digit growth. Investors are once… Continue reading Digital Higher Education, Business Models, and Horizons

The LMS: It’s Not All About You

If you teach in higher ed, you’ve probably complained about your school’s LMS. While these systems are increasingly user-friendly, there’s always someone that’s unhappy. It’s often forgotten, though, that the university, not the faculty, is the actual client. The university, of course, signs the cheque. The significance of this simple distinction is that university interests… Continue reading The LMS: It’s Not All About You

Digital Higher Ed Content & The Long Tail

Maybe my patience has finally been rewarded. The focus of digital higher education during the previous decade was overwhelmingly on the technology itself – learning management systems, bandwidth, faculty literacy with technology, student technology support, and so forth. But I entered the world of higher education through an interest in interaction of culture and markets,… Continue reading Digital Higher Ed Content & The Long Tail

8 Questions

During the last 18 months or so we’ve seen a remarkable increase in the amount of attention paid to higher education. There’s no longer a shortage of interesting commentary. I’m very grateful for this. But sometimes I feel I need to stop and (re)define my questions. This helps my research and it helps me get… Continue reading 8 Questions

KnowU & MyEdu: Two Approaches to Social Media in Higher Education

Higher education is working hard to find the best ways to integrate social media into its practices. They’ve approached it from a number of angles: marketing, community building, student support, and instruction. Instigators behind the efforts include software vendors looking to build the next edu social platform, colleges, individual educators, and on a less formal… Continue reading KnowU & MyEdu: Two Approaches to Social Media in Higher Education

Notes on Sharing, Competition and Innovation

Originally posted in Today’s Campus A panel discussion entitled “What Nonprofits and For-Profits Can Learn from Each Other About Teaching and Learning” was held at the most recent Educause conference. The panelists were from proprietary schools, a non-profit university, Inside Higher Ed, and a think-tank. It was at this talk that an audience member repeated… Continue reading Notes on Sharing, Competition and Innovation

Textbook Publishers and Rich Media

I recently had coffee with a dear man that has spent his entire career in textbook publishing. He told me that his industry was essentially “broken”. Of course,  this is now a common view of textbook publishing. The industry is dealing with a number of challenges: regulatory changes, reimportation of their products at lower price… Continue reading Textbook Publishers and Rich Media

Notes on “Collaborate to Compete”

A few thoughts on “Collaborate to Compete: Seizing the opportunity of online learning for UK higher education.” Report to HEFCE by the Online Learning Task Force, January 20112011/01 “While UK higher education institutions are extremely successful in attracting international students to study in the UK there are also opportunities for growth in online and more flexible patterns… Continue reading Notes on “Collaborate to Compete”