Technology, Transparency and MOOCs

Summary MOOCs have introduced a greater level of transparency in online higher education. They offer students a chance to evaluate and compare institutions to a degree previously unheard of in higher ed. The focus of the evaluations is, primarily, instructional content and related activities. This focus may create new opportunities for less prestigious institutions to compete.… Read More Technology, Transparency and MOOCs

Digital Higher Education, Business Models, and Horizons

These are heady days for digital higher education. For advocates of all-things-digital, myself included, it appears we’ve earned our permanent place at the table. Whether fully online, blended or a supplementing classroom education, digital higher ed is now a strategic issue for colleges and universities. Online enrolment continues to experience double-digit growth. Investors are once… Read More Digital Higher Education, Business Models, and Horizons

Digital Higher Ed Content & The Long Tail

Maybe my patience has finally been rewarded. The focus of digital higher education during the previous decade was overwhelmingly on the technology itself – learning management systems, bandwidth, faculty literacy with technology, student technology support, and so forth. But I entered the world of higher education through an interest in interaction of culture and markets,… Read More Digital Higher Ed Content & The Long Tail

8 Questions

During the last 18 months or so we’ve seen a remarkable increase in the amount of attention paid to higher education. There’s no longer a shortage of interesting commentary. I’m very grateful for this. But sometimes I feel I need to stop and (re)define my questions. This helps my research and it helps me get… Read More 8 Questions