Alston Road helps colleges, universities and businesses create programs, systems and services that enable them to compete more effectively in online higher education.

Analysis. With our extensive experience in digital higher education, and by drawing on the best analysts, we help you find solutions to the most challenging obstacles that stand between you and your goals.

Evaluation. You need to know where you stand visa vie your competitors. We assess your academic, administrative, or technological operations and then provide clear, workable recomendations.

Strategy. Given your resources, values and objectives, we help you define how (exactly) to move quickly towards your goals, while minimizing risks.

Commonly requested services include:

  • Assessment of institutional capacity to compete in new markets
  • Streamline academic and instructional operations to reduce costs
  • Design and implement student support services
  • Design and implement faculty support services
  • Design and implement of instructional content strategies (acquisition, development and management)
  • Professional development and workshops for key personnel
  • Development of business and marketing plans

Dr. Keith Hampson, Founder of Alston Road.