The Founder of Alston Road Group, Dr. Keith Hampson, has almost two decades of experience working with institutions and businesses in online higher education. After serving as a member of the faculty at Ryerson University, Keith assumed Director-ship of a small online services unit within the institution. His team grew enrolment by 500%, while holding indirect costs steady, and won six national awards for excellence. As a consultant, Dr. Hampson has served a range of clients across North America, including Northeastern University, Bertellsman AG, Capella University, Nelson Education, The Council of Ontario Universities, Contact North/Nord, the University of Toronto, and McGraw-Hill. He writes and speaks regularly on strategy and change in online higher education.

The essential purpose of the Alston Road Group is to provide clients with an alternative to what we believe are over-priced, vague, and descriptive analyses. Our clients rely on our ability to identify the truly important issues that determine success. Our analyses are not written by 26-year old MBA’s with absolutely no experience in higher education, but by a small team of professionals with direct and extensive experience with the issues that are of most concern to our clients. Our research process eschews simplistic surveys populated by unknown participants; we turn to our long list of high-profile experts in the field that have the experience and analytical insights to provide meaningful, accurate data.

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